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We focus on helping clients transform the ways their businesses work. Experica is committed to guiding enterprise and technology vendor clients to help them gain a competitive advantage over their peers. With years of experience in the tech sector, Experica’s seasoned staff draws on experiences, data analytics, research, industry contacts and custom consulting to raise the performance level of its clients.

Larry has provided considerable value and impact. He has proven to be very organized, with an ability to pay great attention to detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. He constructively challenges staff and vendors to keep key project elements moving forward...especially helpful during contract negotiations. He is a highly capable technical expert.

~ Barry Zweibel, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Our Practices

Advancing Your Business Goals

  • Trusted Advisors support our clients in making strategic decisions about their business model, pricing, increasing their market size, partnerships, technology, and more. We help you determine where and how to play to increase your bottom line.
  • Strategy and Operations is a key to success within any company. Experica’s experts review your goals, systems, services and/or technology to gain an understanding of your existing baseline. We then work with your senior executives to help them understand how they can solve their problems (tough, complex, etc.) by bringing an executable strategy that is derived from years of experience and in-depth analysis to enable confident action.
  • Technology and Contracts deliver solutions that help drive cost reduction through actual reduced cost, improved productivity, and streamlined business operations. Our practical, yet innovative, solutions are linked to measurable goals, so that we know when competitive advantages have been met.

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Our Clients

Bringing Value to Their Customers

  • Our clients are passionate about seizing opportunities to transform their businesses, and our experts provide critical support and expertise to help achieve lasting results. Our focus is on developing pragmatic solutions and strategies that address our clients’ challenges.
  • Experica’s cross-functional experts alter a business’s financial, operational and strategic directions to produce game-changing results. We assist in helping operate smarter and faster, so a competitive advantage can be attained. We bring together hands on experience, problem solving, data analytics, research insight and more to improve the return-on-investment within your business and/or technology. Our methodologies provide clear, precise, intelligent information, so that clients can make the difficult decisions and/or create an appropriate plan, and our rigorous approach ensures our clients get truthful, unbiased and actionable insights.
  • We deliver the business and/or technology-related insights necessary for our clients to make the correct decisions every day, so that a competitive advantage can be built.
  • Experica provides fact-based services to help our clients use and manage technology to enable business performance improvement and reduce risk. No matter how complex your business concern, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward with confidence. Our experts are available to assist you.

Experica provided valuable insight and great direction on how to better sell and price our service. From their thorough and extremely detailed analysis, Experica showed areas where pricing needed to change to improve the competitive advantage and other areas where we were already holding a strong market leadership.

~Pat DiNunno, Wraptel, Inc.

The Experica team has strong expertise in the mobile industry, and their analysts have brought a fresh perspective. They’ve delivered objective, thorough and timely insight. And that’s helped us to make smarter business decisions and to deliver an inspiring customer experience.

~Pascal de Hesselle, Truphone

Meet the Experts

Practical Strategists

Experica’s consultant analysts are experienced practitioners that apply rigorous methodologies and framework, critical thinking, deep analytics and knowledge management to solve your greatest challenges. Our expertise is that of helping clients optimize business and/or technology operations to manage major change, using proven solutions and proprietary methodologies.

Larry Treas

Larry Treas has over 36 years in the telecom industry, with over 30 years as an independent telecommunications consultant, and multiple years with other founded companies in the telecom field. He is known as the “Idea” person, a visionary, one that is looking for trends to see where the market is moving. He looks to find ways to spur this area on by volunteering...

Philip K. Edholm

Philip Edholm has over 30 years’ experience in creating innovation and transformation in networking and communications, including 13 years with Silicon Valley startups. His duties as Chief Strategy/Chief Technology Officer gave him a reputation as an industry visionary and luminary, with proven success in delivering vision and strategy to vendors, end users and the market...

Barry Zweibel

Barry Zweibel has deep telecommunications leadership/operations experience, from serving as VP of Telecommunications at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to founding a coaching practice where, as a Master Coach, he assists companies, and specifically “C” level and other managers, with leadership development, conflict management, mentoring, career acceleration...

Georges Mokhbat

Georges Mokhbat is a talented and extremely experienced Business Transformation and Management Businessman. His experience sets him apart from other peers, through running a business with over 20 employees, and that of a consultant with over 30 years’ experience, gained throughout Europe, the USA & the Middle East across multiple industry sectors...

Martha Buyer

Martha Buyer is a Telecom Lawyer with extensive industry experience, having spent 24+ years in the legal profession. In 1989 Ms. Buyer became VP and co-founder of a firm developing highly specialized and innovative computer and telecommunications applications and, since 2007, has been President of an independent and innovative telecommunications consulting firm...

Willa Silver

Willa Silver brings both a comprehensive, hands on understanding of Sales, with over 15 years of sales and sales management experience, as well as over 16 years of entrepreneurship via her own sales coaching business. Ms. Silver has coached over 1000 Financial Advisors from such banks as RBC, Canada’s largest bank with over 78,000 employees worldwide, and TD Bank Group...

Thomas B. Brannen

Tom Brannen has over 20 years’ experience in the communications field helping clients in different vertical markets, both nationally and internationally, with their Strategic Planning, Business Processes, and Technical Processes. To provide this assistance he is at times a consultant and at other times an analyst. He thinks big picture, yet uses his speaking, writing...

Ryan J. Larsen

Ryan Larsen has over 18 years of information technology experience, and is adept at foreseeing emerging trends and implementing innovative solutions. Having worked as a sub-contractor of a Wireless Industry Firm, he is a subject matter expert, delivering the best solutions to address business needs and problems with the insightful application of technology...

Experica’s experts draw on years of experience, providing data analytics, research, industry contacts and custom consulting. Let us help you through every stage of planning, implementing and managing your technology initiatives.